Monday, December 08, 2008

Fire in the fireplace and a Christmas tree

My folks and sister had a great weekend out here. We journeyed into Chicago on Saturday and had some great shopping time on State Street and Michigan Ave, we watched the skaters in Millennium Park and enjoyed the lights of the city.

They flew back home last night.

So after they left, Jackie and I had a little relaxing time... courtesy of the fireplace... where we enjoyed a little fire.

And then we put up the Christmas tree. It was fun because we haven't put one up in about 4 years. Living in the apartment didn't afford us the room for the tree, plus where do you store it when you're done in a 1 bedroom apartment.

But the house feels a little bit more like home. And the cats love the tree (when I can keep them from climbing it and trying to knock down the ornaments).


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