Friday, December 26, 2008

Great Time Catching Up...

I had a great experience a couple of days ago. While I was in Meadville, where I worked with students for five years before moving to Batavia, I had a chance to grab some breakfast with some former students.

Jackie and I went to the candlelight service, but there are always so many people there. It was great to sit and chat, have some laughs and some great eggs benedict. It was great to look around the circle... one of these students is getting ready to graduate from Yale Divinity... one of these guys works for me leading worship for our students... I'm always amazed at what the incredibleness God can bring out of faithfulness. It was definitely encouraging breakfast.


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  1. dude....i so wish i would've been there.....especially for the eggs maybe that wasn't the main reason, but that's what I got at EVERY youth leadership team meeting back in the day.....glad y'all had fun...