Monday, December 01, 2008


Hey all you faithful blog-reading friends...

I wanted to shot out a little update. Jackie and I moved into the house on Saturday. Got a lot of the stuff put away... but if you've moved, you know that it takes a while to get it all put away (and find your socks). But we'll get there.

Everything went great.

But one downside for those of you who are faithful readers here... we currently don't have Internet at the house (yet) and likely won't until after the first of the year. That means that I won't be able to blog as often as from there, my only blogging option will be my phone. I'm not sure my thumbs can handle that.

So if the blog posts slow down over the next couple of weeks it's not because I don't love you all... I do... but I just can't blog as often.

But thanks for all the prayers and support and the readership. Keep swinging by... posts will happen.


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