Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blown away... AGAIN!!!

Over the weekend, we (a group of 6 high school students and 5 adults who are headed to Santiago, Dominican Republic over Spring Break) hosted a Chili Dinner/Student Auction Fundraiser.

Part of our hope was to get the congregation of FVCC energized about our upcoming trip. And part of our hope was that we would raise some funds to help us go on the trip.

You can check out a picture HERE.

I blogged last week (HERE) about being impressed with the number that signed up. I had no idea how good God would be in this situation. Everything from the weekend was finally counted up yesterday. That included the money from the dinner, other donations, student auction payments, loose cash that was placed in our water jug collection bin and other cash and checks collected independently by the students...

And the total came to: $6246!!!!!

I couldn't and still can't believe it!!! It put us over the top. It put us over the top by about $500 and we still have some checks coming that have been received but haven't been processed. It was really an impressive weekend.

We have 192 people at the Chili Dinner and most of the students went for $100 or more. It was really a great weekend and it's great to be fully funded for the trip 2 months early.

Just thought I'd take a moment and share!


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