Friday, January 02, 2009

Dominican Republic for Spring Break

We're currently working on a missions trip with our high school students.

Those of you who are FVCC members will be familiar. Those of you who aren't, aren't. For those who aren't, we are planning to take 6 high school students and 5 adult leaders to the Dominican Republic for a Spring Break Missions Trip. I've wanted to do a student ministry missions trip for a while. But the time has never been right. This year, the pieces fell into place and we're currently making plans. We had a little meeting this afternoon and I'm really excited for the trip and these students. They are full of great ideas, enthusiasm and motivation.

In years past, FVCC has taken trips to the DR. But they haven't for some time. And I don't know for certain if anyone has ever done an International Student Ministry Missions Trip.

We've got a fundraiser coming up on January 23rd (Chili Dinner, Family Game Night and Silent Student Service Auction) and they are coming up with most of the ideas. It's great to sit back, provide some direction and watch them go.

They are working hard at raising the funds to go. The trip is costing (airfare, trip, food and accommodations) about $1650. They are expected to help raise the $13,750 required for the trip expenses. At this point, they have already helped raise 30% (a little over $4,000) without any major fundraisers.

In fact, one of the students started a blog about her adventures. It's here:
Paige's blog!!

It's exciting to see what God can and will do. The trip is being bathed in prayer and everyone is very excited. We're even working on a little promo video. But what amazes me are the raw ideas and enthusiasm that comes out of each and every meeting.

Way to go guys!!! Alyssa, Brittany, Dylan, Elisabeth, Kaithryn, and Paige (along with myself, Cheryl, Glen, Emily and Jackie). Pray for us. We're going to need it!!!


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