Saturday, January 03, 2009

So much time @ Starbucks...

Since we don't have Internet at home yet (and probably not for at least a month)...

I spend so much time at Starbucks. Most of it is using their free Wifi. And it's funny to me how I feel when I show up and someone is sitting at the table that I usually sit at.

Just thought I'd share.


P.S.: Welcome to Jim's randomness if you aren't familiar...


  1. Out of curiosity, and you can email me the answer if you'd like, what user name and password do you use to log in to the AT&T network? I've tried calling customer service to reset my user name and password, and I've run my cell phone battery dead twice getting re-routed to six different departments, none of which seems to know why anyone would need a user name and password to get Internet.

  2. Thanks for the email, dude. Starbucks is much closer to the house than the next-closest wifi provider, so this'll make for a nice change-of-venue place without driving all over creation.