Friday, February 27, 2009

Ramblin Man... this month...

This month... or at least the month of March... is the month of the "Ramblin Man." (If you aren't familiar with the Allman Brothers Band classic, shame on you...)

But today starts a month of travels.

I'm about to walk out of Starbucks (where I'm getting a little coffee, Internet and time with my wife) to head to Columbus for the weekend for the National Youth Ministry Convention. I'll be live-blogging from there this weekend... so look for more posts about that, what I'm thinking and learning and rolling around.

Then March 9th - 13th I'll be on the road as a professor's assistant for Dr. Rea's annual Restoration trip to visit all of the Restoration sites (i.e.: Cane Ridge, Bethany, etc).

And finally, March 27 - April 4 I will be in the Dominican Republic with 6 high school students serving the people there.

So it will be the month on the road, living out of a suitcase and sporadic blogging.

Now... it's time to hit the road...

Look for live blog posts coming soon from NYMC!!!


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