Wednesday, April 08, 2009

D.R. Trip Updates... Day 2: Sunday (March 29)

Sunday morning arrived...

The team decided to join several members of the G.O. Ministries team at the first ever 10K run/walk in Santiago.

Brittany and Kathryn decided to run. The rest of us decided to walk. Brittany made the entire 10K... which we found out later was actually 11K. Kathryn made a valiant effort, but only completed 5K.

The rest of us enjoyed a nice walk (5K) around Santiago.

Here is the whole group after the run walk. We all got medals for completing the run/walk in less than an hour. We also got T-shirts (mine however didn't fit... only a "L").

Following the run/walk, we returned back to the Casa. Instead of joining some from the ministry to play softball, we decided to watch some of the locals play bottlecap baseball (it actually has a name... but I can't remember it0. It was pretty interesting.

Following the bottlecap baseball, we visited the new site for the Gabriel's church. We also joined Gabriel as he baptized a member of his church.

Following that and dinner, we joined the church for church. It was a fun experience. We recognized some of the songs... sung a few with them... and listened to the message. (We didn't understand much about the message... but we know it was about Zacchaeus.)

Sunday was a fun and relaxing day. Monday wouldn't be.

And if you're keeping score... I, still as of Sunday, do not have a suitcase...


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