Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thomas Campbell in Guernsey County... Success!!!


I had an interesting day. I started off in Zanesville looking for a piece of land. I had a deed that showed a piece of ground being transferred between a Garrett McCain and Thomas Campbell. I spent time tracking it down.

BUT... it turned out to be a bust.

I found the ground. But I'm pretty confident that it was a different Thomas Campbell than the one that I was looking for.


I went back to Cambridge and back to square one. And by the end of the day, I found success. According to what I found in Cambridge today, Thomas Campbell and his family living in a house that sat on this corner in downtown Cambridge, on the corner of Wheeling and 7th street. Obviously this isn't the building, but it once stood here and the school that he started was here.

I have enough documentation to make a presentation (I think). Tomorrow I will visit the Guernsey County Maps Dept and see if I can find an old Cambridge map that will show me the original lay of the land.

After that I'm planning to head over to Quaker City. According to the material that I have, Guernsey County's oldest Restoration movement church is here... Central Christian Church (Central Christian Church).

Fun fun... and now more fun that I've found what I'm looking for...


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