Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Goose chase... Thomas Campbell in Cambridge

I'm currently in Ohio for a couple of days.

Here's what I'm doing.

According to Robert Richardson (personal friend and biographer for Alexander Campbell), Thomas Campbell, father of Alexander Campbell and one of the four founding members of the Restoration Movement of which Fox Valley Christian Church (Church of Christ, Christian Churches and Disciples of Christ), spent 3 years living in and around Cambridge, Ohio. Cambridge is 15 minutes north of where I grew up.

There isn't much information on Thomas' time in Cambridge. But we know (according to Richardson and A. Campbell) that he owned land, started a school and church.

So I'm here to see if I can track that information down. I want to see if I can find the land that he owned and see if there is anything remaining of it. Maybe the school became something... Maybe the church still exists... Maybe the house is still there as part of another house... Maybe nothing is remaining...

Those are the questions that I'm hoping to answer. Plus... It's for credit.

Wish me luck and here's hoping that I find something...


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