Saturday, July 04, 2009

R.I.Pieces Glass Table

Rest In Pieces Glass Table... literally...

When Jackie and I moved to North Aurora about 9 months ago, we adopted this glass table from a neighbor who was giving it away.

It's a great table. And the metal matches the floor in the kitchen perfectly.

About 2 months ago, it developed (unknown how to us) a small crack. We watched it for about a week and it didn't really do too much. Then one day it grew. And then it grew again.

So we stopped sitting at that end of the table. This morning, the crack took another turn. And then it took another.

And then while we were eating brunch, a large chunk of it fell out and crashed (literally) to the floor. So I just spent (along with some great help from Todd) the last 4 hours cleaning that up, carrying the remainder of the table outside and breaking it up and getting the kitchen back in some semblance of order.

That really stinks that the table broke like that. I really liked that table.


Edit: Also taken in this tragedy was my MacBook's Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. It was resting on the section that broke away. It was injured initially and we were hoping that it would pull through. But alas, it didn't make it. (It was replaced tonight thanks to Best Buy being open on the 4th!)

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