Thursday, July 02, 2009

This is a pretty cool and inventive little website that I stumbled onto with the help of Josh Griffin. It's called "". Basically the whole idea is one of telling you when is it safe during the movie to go to the bathroom and exactly what you will miss if you do.

I'm planning to go and use it this afternoon at IMAX Transformers (again!!)!


Post Movie edit: The app is great. It gives great times to run out to the bathroom or to grab a soda. I didn't need to go during the movie, but all the times that they recommended would have been excellent times to go.

Download this app!! It's sweet!!

And thanks Runpee for the link (HERE)!!! Thanks for the props!!


  1. let me know what you think when you use it!

    John Shahidi
    Rock Software

  2. we added your link to our In the News page!