Saturday, September 26, 2009

The end of an era at Fox Valley Christian Church

This weekend will mark the end of an era at Fox Valley Christian Church.

(photo from Steve's facebook page HERE)

For the last 10 years, Steve has lead our congregation into worship. And it has been a great 10 years (I have personally been here for 5 of those years). Steve has a great way of drawing in the congregation and engaging them in worship. It is truly a pleasure to worship under Steve's leadership.

But tomorrow morning will be his final Sunday at FVCC. He is taking on new challenges at Southfield Community Church in Channahon, IL.

We will have one last opportunity to worship with Steve tomorrow. Hope you're there!

While I have appreciated his worship leading, wisdom, leadership and guidance, more than anything I have appreciated his friendship. It's truly a blessing to work with friends. We've been friends both in the office and outside of the office often watching Bears games, Cubs games, Ohio State games, Illinois games and spending a lot of time hanging out outside of the office. I will miss being able to go down the hall... sit on his couch and talk about anything from this weekend's worship set to the Bears or Cubs to the latest updates from Apple. Not that this is the end of a friendship, for sure. But it will certainly be a change.

I hope that if you are at FVCC this Sunday morning, you take a few moments and thank Steve for his hard work, dedication and leadership!

Thanks Steve!


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