Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zondervan joins Logos

This is a great day for Logos users.

I had heard last night that there was to be a major Logos announcement at 12 am (Pacific time) last night. There was no way that I was staying up for that. But this morning, I was blown away by the announcement.

Zondervan is going to publish some of it's volumes through Logos. That's great news for Logos users... and if you aren't a Logos user and you study the Bible, you should be. My shelves in my office are lined with Zondervan resources because they put out great commentaries and materials. Now, I'll be able to replace some of those physical books that are difficult to use with digital resources that I can access from anywhere with my computer.


Here's a snipet from their story HERE:
"Zondervan has some of the hottest reference material out there—in print and electronic formats. Retiring Pradis doesn't mean they are getting out of the software or e-book business, it means they are simply changing platforms. The announcement to retire Pradis comes in the same press release with the news that they will license Logos Bible Software as their new platform. In our typical book partnerships we license content from publishers to release it ourselves. In this partnership, rather than licensing their books to us, Zondervan is actually licensing technology from us."

This is an exciting day for Logos users. I'm not planning to pick up the initial 87 volume set (unless there's someone out there who wants to pick it up for me...). But I will be replacing some of my commentaries as they become available.

Way to go Logos and Zondervan!!!


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