Monday, September 28, 2009

Spring Break 2010 Dominican Republic Trip

I'm pumped!!!

Yesterday we had our first 2010 Spring Break Dominican Republic meeting follow 2nd service.

Here's what I'm pumped about. Right now, we have 12 students committed to going!!!!! Last year we had 6 awesome students... but this year 3 of those students have returned and the group has grown! (We have 5 pretty radical adults too!!!)

I'm so stoked to see what God is going to do through them over the next several months as they get ready to go. And how God is going to work in their hearts while they're there!!

It's going to be a great trip March 27th - April 4th. Pray for them. And we are selling fresh pecans as a fundraiser... if you'd like to buy some, I could help you get connected with a student who would love to see you some!!


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