Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ready for snow... on a 90 degree day...

Yesterday, Jackie and I went over to the "Chicago Premium Outlets" to get some new walking/running shoes. I've been needing some for a while and I had a gift certificate to the Nike store, so we went.

And she surprised me when she asked if I wanted to go into the Spyder store. They sell awesome ski gear and I really love their stuff. I've been needing a new ski coat, my old Columbia is getting pretty rough.

But then we starting talking seriously about getting a new coat!!! It blew me away. Then she picked up a pair of matching pants/bibs for skiing and told me to try them on.

After I did, she told me that she wanted to buy them for me!!! I couldn't believe it!!!

So, here they are... They are my Christmas presents early... but I don't care cause they are awesome and I love them!!!

It's a 90 degree day outside, I have to go and mow the yard soon... But I'll be thinking about snow all day!!! I can't wait to go skiing!


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