Friday, January 08, 2010

Colt McCoy and Jesus and Leadership

A buddy of mine David Norman posted a great post this morning about injured star quarterback for the Texas Longhorns Colt McCoy. (You can read his post HERE.) I watched a little bit of the game, but honestly gave up at halftime as it looked like Alabama was going to run away with it... especially because Texas' star quarterback, Colt McCoy went out injured the first series of the game.

David writes this:
"The Longhorns played well, but couldn't overcome the loss of the player that the team is built around - Colt McCoy. The offense centers around him, and the defense gains confidence in knowing that he can put points on the board.
That should cause us to ask the question, "Who is our church built around?"

There's a growing trend in churches of making the lead pastor the star-player that the church is built around. His charisma and contacts are considered to be the things that carry the church. His preaching or leadership gift move the church forward.

This is wrong.
Our churches must be built upon Jesus."

I totally agree with David. As I thought about his post further, I wondered "what happens to ministries that are built around a 'super-pastor'"?

So many ministries are exactly like David said... they are built around a super-pastor or super-youth pastor or super-worship pastor. While I totally agree that they should be built around Jesus, many aren't. Instead they are built around one central individual. When that person leaves, dies, moves away, burns out, etc, what happens to that ministry, church or organization?

Exactly what happened to Texas' football team... it falls apart. Ministries need to be built on Jesus, as the chief cornerstone (see Matthew 16:16 and Ephesians 2:20). Ministry also needs to be spread out over a variety of different individuals who are equipped and prepared for ministry (see Ephesians 4:10-13).

Too many churches may make the right move of putting Christ first in their congregation. But they allow a super-pastor to DO all the ministry. Elders and deacons aren't trained up. Ministry leaders and other staff aren't empowered. All ministry roads lead back to one individual.

Maybe where Texas made its biggest mistake in not training up others who could lead the team in Colt's place if he wasn't there. Because the reality is that sooner (due to injury) or later (due to graduation) he isn't going to be there.

Team leadership in the church should be focused on Christ as the head first... and second it should be spread out appropriately over a variety of individuals who are equipped and prepared to go onto the field for every game, whether Colt is in or not.



  1. David's was good stuff...and so is this! I think every church should ask themselves, "What would we do if we lost this leader or this pastor?" If it would take them a long time to replace that person...or if they respond "I don't know what we would do if we ever lost Pastor Gray Hair" - I think they are definitely set-up for failure. If they can turn the reigns over to a volunteer (even for a short time) they are in better standing.

    It kind of sounds like we've all read Page one of a certain rainbow colored book, haha! :)

  2. Great stuff! Glad I could set your wheels in motion!

    Thanks for the link bro.