Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reading list for the next two weeks...

So... my seminary work for this semester should be wrapped up this week. Basically I've got a couple of little projects to finish and then I'll be done with another semester.

And since I'm wrapping things up here in the office this week and I'll have some 'down' time next week, I was thinking this morning about what I should be reading over the next two weeks.

I think I've arrived at a good mix. Here's what I'm planning to knock out in the next two weeks:
  • Purpose Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields - This is oldie, but a goodie. I got this book over 10 years ago before I started in Meadville. It has guided my thinking about youth ministry in ways that I'm sure I don't even realize. I've read it about 5 or 6 times, but I thought I'd read it again with fresh eyes heading into a fresh ministry. BTW: This book is currently under revision... and I can't wait to read the new version!!!
  • Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis - I got this book (of all 7 books) a couple of years ago for Christmas and I've never read it all the way through. This book might actually push me to get it done in two weeks since it's nearly 800 pages covering all of the Chronicles. I have read individual books... but never the whole collection. This book falls into the "fun read" category.
  • Jesus Centered Youth Ministry by Rick Lawrence - I started this book last fall... but never finished it. I hate to start things and then not finish them... especially books. So I'm going to knock this one out just so that I can say it's done. It's pretty good... and pretty challenging places... I've just never finished it.
  • You Were Made for More by Jim Cymbala - This book was a gift from one of the leaders at FVCC. It has sat on my 'books to be read' shelf for over a year and I thought it was time that it got read. So it's up on the slate for this week or next. It will be a good devotional book to read along with my daily Bible reading.
Altogether that should be about 1,500 pages in the next couple of weeks. That should be quite challenging... but do-able... that's only a little more than 100 pages a day. And it should be some refreshing reading heading into a new ministry.


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