Sunday, April 18, 2010

A week of lasts...

I was thinking this morning, as I was getting ready for church, that today (actually last week for some) begins a week of lasts.

  • Last Thursday was my last day with my middle school guys' small group.
  • Today (Sunday, April 18) is my last day at church at FVCC... lots of last conversations, last handshakes and last hugs...
  • Monday is my last staff meeting.
  • Wednesday morning will be my last morning meeting with the men's Bible study that I've been a part of for a year and half.
  • Wednesday is my last day in the office at FVCC
  • Friday and Saturday the days of my last trip with my middle schoolers... CIY Believe in Holland, MI.
I'm sure there are others... and I may come back and add them if I think of them.

It's kinda odd... so much of my life over the past 5 years has been tied up in this place and with this people. It's odd to think about life beyond FVCC. But after next Thursday (April 29), I'll head into that next and new chapter of my life. Because April 29 is my last day in the area... I'll be on the road to Zanesville that day. Then it will begin a whole new list of firsts...


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