Saturday, February 12, 2011

FREE NIV download for YouVersion iPod/iPhone Bibles!!!

You know me...
I like FREE!

Especially when it something really, really good.

I have talked and will continue to talk in the future about how great the "Holy Bible" app is on my iPod/iPhone from some friends down at Life Church in Oklahoma.  One of the greatest things about this app is the abundance of translations to choose from.

Since I was a middle school student, I have been a consistent NIV reader.  From time to time, I will spend some time with other translations to change up my Bible reading pace... NLT, NRSV and a few others.  But I always come back to the NIV (like an old hoodie... I was going to say sweater... but I never wear sweaters and wouldn't really know what that feels like).  Partially because I have so much of it memorized from my Bible Bowl days (since that was the version that was used).

This weekend... in celebration of the 400th year since the King James Version first provided a full translation of the Bible in the common language of the people... YouVersion is going to be giving away downloads of the NIV version on the Holy Bible app for 400 hours.  (So from (Saturday, February 12th) TODAY to March 1st, you can download it anytime.)

This is a great deal.  The only limitation to the Holy Bible app is the issue of being able to use it when you have limited cell service or when YouVersion is "down" for whatever reason.  This will eliminate that issue.

Go HERE for the full story and instructions about how to download it for yourself.  And enjoy!


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  1. Another great Bible related app is "Bible Lock Screens" for iPhone & iPad. It has high quality (retina) images with Scripture on them and it totally free! There are new lock screens each week as well. It helps keep Scripture on your mind throughout the day.

    Watch the 1-min video:

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