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Monday, February 21, 2011


Most people hate Mondays...

Because I work on Sunday (as a pastor), I'm granted a day off during the week.  Which is great! I used to take Fridays off... which seemed logical since I also had Saturday off.  Problem was... many youth events happen on Fridays and Saturdays (retreats, trips, events, high school sporting events, etc).  So there went my day off.  Additionally... if the work from the week didn't get done on Mon-Thursday, it still had to get done and often became part of my Friday "day-off routine."  (Which wasn't much of a day off... to feel like you had to work.)

When I moved to Ohio, I found that I could no longer have Fridays off... but would have to choose another day (that would have left only one pastor in the office... we try to have two in the office most of the time during the day).  I remembered, back in the day, my friend Doug Fields talking about how much he loved Monday days off (Doug blogged about his day off HERE today... got me thinking about this).  So I thought I'd give them a try. 

So I switched to Monday. 
And I'll never go back.

There is no pressure to work on Mondays... because nothing has to get done as the weekend is still a long way off. 

I can:
  • rest... 
  • relax... 
  • read... 
  • and run! (As I train for my next 1/2 marathon)

Most people hate Mondays...
I love them!  I wish it were Monday every day!


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