Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love it when this happens...

It happens every once in a while in youth ministry. 

We do a couple of trips every year that are pretty expensive.  (Like $250 expensive!)  We always have some students who can't go because of finances.  We try to make sure that doesn't happen... but sometimes I just does.

Over the weekend, I was buzzing around the building following evening service like I usually am.  A person walked up to me that I didn't even know and said... "Hey, when I was in the youth ministry, there were a lot of times that I didn't have money to go to CIY or Summer in the Son.  Someone always came through and helped me go.  Now that I'm grown and can afford to help others, I would like to.  Do you have anyone in youth ministry that could use some financial help with the conference?"

Um... (.0000005 seconds later)... YEAH! 

Then last night, she walked up to one of the members of my volunteer team and handed them cash in an envelope for the trip!

I just love youth ministry stories like that!  Just thought I'd share a little good news on a warm, February day!


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