Thursday, November 20, 2008

Appliances and Paint

We are getting pretty close to coming around the bend into the "home" stretch on the house updates and what-not.

I realized today two things:
1. I hadn't put pictures up in a little while... and I know that some of you out there are following the progress that way... so my bad.

2. My blog has devolved into dealing only with the house... and that may not be appealing to some of you. If that's true know that we move in next weekend and then my blog will return back to it's normal "whateverness" including more about ministry. So if that's what you dropped by for, my apologies.

Move in day is next Saturday, November 29th. And things are coming right along. Todd and Andi, two great friends and high school leaders, came over Tuesday night and we jammed on paint for a while.

The living room is done... the downstairs is done (minus the bathroom)... the upstairs is done (minus some trimming in the master bedroom and the rolling in the closet)... Which is good.

Because the carpet comes tomorrow.

Three of the five new appliances are in. The fridge is in... the gas range is in... and the chest freezer (with my beautiful wife standing beside it below) are in. The microwave and dishwasher come tomorrow along with the carpet.

So we are getting closer.

The downstairs bathroom should be getting ready for new tile today and it should be going up today or tomorrow. So, the list of what needs to be gotten done is getting shorter.

This morning I was greeted with a maze of boxes in our apartment. Those boxes weren't there when I went to bed... but my wife closed at Starbucks last night and is usually pretty wound up when she comes home. So she stayed up pretty late last night (not having to work today) and packed. She packed up CDs, movies, pictures and other nonessential stuff. Some of which I'll transport to the house this afternoon.

So we're getting closer. And getting more excited. I'm starting to look forward to it being done!

Which it will be soon.

Here's that beautiful wife and that chest freezer!


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