Monday, November 03, 2008

Great, Great Fall Retreat!!!

We had a great Fall Retreat this past weekend.

Here are few photos from the weekend taken by one of my seniors... Will Deuerling. He's a great photographer.

Several things went really right this weekend.

First, we had a great group of students. Sometimes you take these trips and personalities don't match up or there is some conflict or there are just kids that don't travel well or don't travel well with each other. None of that happened this weekend.

Second, we had some great worship from Justin and Clayton. Clayton just graduated from our ministry last year and is still around doing school... which is great. He can play just about anything. Justin did a phenomenal job leading our students in worship. That went really well. This was the first year that I've been able to truly relax and do the sessions without being stressed. That's good.

Third, we had incredible weather for the weekend. Usually the Fall Retreat falls on a weekend when it's awful or cold or snowing or all three. Not this year. It was in the 60s and 50s all weekend long... it just made it fun.

All of it... all the work... all the thought and planning came together nicely into a great retreat. And it made it alot of fun for me. Sometimes these things can get so overwhelming that it's not fun. This year's was not that way at all. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I think the students did too.

Right now it's nice to be able to sit back and reflect on a great, great fall retreat.

And it's nice to have some extra time back in my schedule.

The craziness is over... now, to take on more craziness...


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