Saturday, November 15, 2008

Painting was AWESOME today!!

First off... let me just say that today was awesome painting!!! I knew that we would get a lot done. But I didn't think that we could and would get about 80% of the house painted!!!!!!

Second... let me say "thanks" to the crew that pulled it off... Todd and Andi, Ben and Vicki, John and Nancy, Mike and Nancy, Justin, Joan, Daryl and Will, and of course my beautiful wife.

It was truly incredible what we got accomplished. I was talking to my dad earlier and told him that it would be easier to share what we didn't get painted as to what we did.

The downstairs family room, bedroom and hallway are completely done. The downstairs bathroom still needs to be done... the drywall was recently fixed and needed to set up. The living room is pretty much done with a little touch up here and there to be done. The closet in the living room still needs done. The upstairs hallway and bathroom is done. The master bedroom has it's first coat and will need a little touch up when we do the closet. But it's looking awesome.

Carpet comes on Wednesday. Before that we need to:
-finish the living room and closet
-finish the master bedroom and closet
-touch up as needed

Overall painting left:
-downstairs bathroom

But it's really starting to shape up. Once the carpet gets there on Wednesday, then things will really begin to come along. But honestly, the work today was incredible.

And our realtor dropped off pizzas at lunch time. Just made it that much cooler.

Here's a picture of the downstairs family room in it's doneness... waiting for carpet on Wednesday!!!


It's really starting to come together. And we'll be ordering appliances tomorrow. They should be delivered and installed middle part of the week!


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