Monday, November 03, 2008

Done house hunting!!!!

The house hunting is officially done. (And if you are tracking this line of blogs by subject or label, you will want to notice a new label below.)

If you haven't heard, we have officially bought a house. We have purchased 705 Chesterfield Lane, North Aurora. We signed the papers on Thursday and it was official on Friday. (Here are the blog posts about this house... HERE, HERE, and HERE.)

It has been a long and exhausting process. But if you live in the area and you are looking for a great realtor and mortgage guy, I've got a couple of names for you. Sandy and Ken were incredible.

But we officially have the keys. It belongs to us. We went over last night (Sunday) before high school church and took some pictures. The picture to the right is Jackie in the family room.

We wanted to take some pictures so that we can put together a video later of what it looked like before, during the construction and when it's finished. So we took some 50 or 60 fresh pictures.

Not only do we have the keys, but we also have work beginning. Our good friend Mark, who is heading up the repairs for us, has already begun work. I dropped by this afternoon to pick up the mail and a take a couple photos as he has already begun to remove the floors. But the end of the week, the old floors should be gone and new paint should be going up on the walls!!

Very exciting.

Check back for updates with pictures. But the house hunting is officially over. From now on, we'll talk about 705 or HOME!!!


We're pumped by the way!!!

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