Tuesday, May 05, 2009

D.R. Trip Updates... Day 4: Tuesday (March 31)

My sincerest apologies for not getting these blog posts up about the D.R. trip quicker. (The last post was HERE.) My life lately... between preaching, school and everything else... has been sucking me dry of all of my extra energy lately.

But I am committed to getting a post up for each day. So, here is Tuesday, March 31.

Tuesday was a day all about work. We thought that we worked hard on Monday, but we didn't know anything yet.

Luis, pictured here, introduced me a few others to his good friend, the sledgehammer. We spent a lot of the day knocking down the walls of the old cistern and...

And then digging out the dirt and rocks. It was a long and hot day. Fran is shoveling here with me. He was an incredibly powerful worker and I was a wimp. He could work for hours... me, only minutes.

But our day's labor's earned us a trip to get ice cream at Bon. And it was good. Here, Brittany and Kathryn are enjoying their's. It was fun getting ice cream, but somewhat difficult because none of the employees spoke any English...

Ah the difficulties of serving in a country where you don't speak the language.


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