Friday, May 15, 2009

Free morning in Cincy... Cemetery!!!

So last night it dawned on me. (And not the reality that with cable TV, Internet and comfortable place, I start blogging almost instantly... although that is true. Maybe I should start a buy Jim Internet... keep going and posting new material... (like Justin with his help me buy a laptop promotion). Naw!)

But what dawned on me is that I'm in Cincinnati... Where some cool Restoration Movement stuff happened.

I got up this morning, grabbed some free breakfast (always good) and I'm going to head up to Spring Grove Cemetery, north of downtown Cincy. I'm going to go and visit D.S. Burnet's grave and the grave of Issac Errett.

D.S. Burnet was a close personal friend and travelling companion of Alexander Campbell. I didn't realize until I read R. Richardson's "Memoirs" that D.S. travelled with Campbell as much as he did. D.S. died shortly after Alexander did.

Issac Errett travelled with Campbell. Shortly after Campbell's passing, Errett began the Christian Standard, in 1866, which is still publishing today.

That's how I thought I would spend a couple of free hours this morning.

Maybe I'll post a picture or two later on. And no, I don't think it's weird to go walking around in cemeteries... :-)


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