Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wedding in Cincy!!

Last night, I actually downloaded some Eddie Rabbitt (I'm Driving My Life Away among a few others)... For those who are keeping track, that song was released before I was born. But I know every, single word!!!

But that's kinda described my spring. I had the D.R. Trip, a couple of class trips (one with LCS and one solo to discover if I could find Thomas Campbell's house in Cambridge), a conference and this weekend. It has been a crazy 10 weeks with lots of trips.

This is the final trip until summer gets here and I go to CIY in Michigan.

But this weekend will be special. I keep in touch with almost no one from high school. In fact, I keep in contact with none of my high school friends who went to my high school. The only guy that I keep in regular contact is getting married this weekend. And I get to be his best man!!!! It will be a very fun weekend.

The only negative is that with all the travels, Jackie wasn't able to join me. So I'm solo this weekend. But hopefully the travels are about to let up for a bit.

Now go... listen to some Eddie Rabbitt (with two "T"'s).


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