Saturday, October 31, 2009


Tonight's been kinda fun around the Clark house. We've been passing out candy for Trick or Treat!

Last year, we had just bought our house. When we lived in the apartment, no one came to our place for Trick or Treat. So when we bought our house, we were looking forward to doing Trick or Treat. But we were at the Fall Retreat over Halloween weekend last year.

But we didn't miss it this year. This is a shot of the candy bowl that we've been working through. We bought 3 or 4 big bags of candy.

It's been fun to see some of the kids from the neighborhood that we see out and about throughout the week. We've got 90 more minutes of Trick or Treat left... and the best costume so far is "Tigger" for sure!!!

Hopefully for my diet's sake... we get rid of this candy. I've eaten too much already!!! But it's been fun!


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