Monday, October 05, 2009

Logos scholarship for seminarians

Bible study is one of the most important things that we can do as Christians. God has given us an incredible tool in giving us the Bible. It is indeed a powerful weapon and a mighty sword when placed in the hands of those who weld it with excellence.

I have grown in my appreciation of the Bible over the years. I regularly spend time reading and studying it. One of the greatest companions that I have in my study of the Bible is the Logos Bible Software. I wasn't aware of this software until I began my MDiv work at Lincoln Christian Seminary. Now, I couldn't imagine doing Bible study research without it.

LCS believes in the importance of Bible study and therefore they are pretty upfront with their desire that we seminarians use the Logos system. Which is easy for me since I have found that I really like the software.

Then I saw this fall that Logos is giving away seminary scholarships!!! (For real: Check it out HERE ( I would love to land one of these $1000 scholarships (it would almost cover a class at LCS) and would love even more to get some of the resources that come along with some of the other Logos software. So I entered.

If you are going to seminary, you need Logos. And if you are going to seminary, why not apply for a scholarship( Watch a short video, give them some information and maybe you'll be using the most powerful tool in Bible study and saving some money in your seminary bill department!



  1. How does it stack up against BibleWorks, in your opinion? I've still got my copy of BW from my ESR days, and it serves me well.

  2. In my opinion, it stacks up pretty good in comparison to BibleWorks.

    One major way that it's better is that they have a specific Mac engine. It came out last year. It's not a verbose as the PC version yet, but you can run it directly on a Mac without an emulator. That's a big deal for Mac-users as regardless of what most will say emulators and parallels on a Mac stinks.

    One other major advantage to Logos, and I'm not as familiar with BibleWorks... so if this is incorrect, please correct my ignorance... but with Logos you can add additional volumes to your collection individually or as a group whenever you want. So if you've got a few bucks or a specific product is just coming out on Logos, you can pick up that volume individually without having to buy a whole package. Plus, they are coming out with tons of new resources all the time. A while back, I blogged about Logos' new association with Zondervan. That's huge.

    Overall Logos is a great product. The Mac version needs to catch up some with the PC version in terms of some of the features. But it's getting there.