Thursday, October 15, 2009

PDYM Community lunch in Batavia, IL

A sweet box of FREEBIES just showed up at my office for the upcoming PDYM Community lunch!!!

Just what's in the box???

You'll have to come to the PDYM Community lunch at Fox Valley Christian Church on October 27th to find out. The lunch will begin at 12:30 and wrap up at 2 pm. This will be a great time for local youth workers to get together, meet each other (if you don't know them), chat together, share ideas and support each other. That's what the PDYM Community is all about.

The lunch is being hosted at Fox Valley Christian Church, 40w150 Main Street, Batavia, IL. We are asking each participant to bring $5 to cover the sandwiches. It's open to all youth workers... part-time, full-time, no-time, volunteer... If you would like to come, feel free to shoot me an email at I'd love to have you come!

Here's a link to the official info!! Scan down to Illinois...


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