Friday, November 12, 2010

Awake - Weekend Recap!

Here's a little recap of Sunday night, November 7...

We kicked off a new series on Sunday night called "Friendship 101."  We are talking about friendship and what goes into making a great friend Biblically. 

Here are some of the elements that went into Sunday night:
  • We kicked it off with Casting Crowns video... Until the Whole World Hears. Great video with a powerful message.
  • We played a very fun and very competitive new game... called Bronco, Baby, Backpack.  (I picked it up HERE.)  It works kinda like "Rock, Paper, Scissors" only active with a partner.  We call out bronco, baby or backpack and the two have to get into that position.  Last group is out! Congrats to Jacob and Brock for winning that!  It was close!
  • We had a great worship set by worship team 2.  Set list was: Nothing But the Blood, Marvelous Light, How He Loves Us and Hosanna
  • A couple of short videos about friendship... Greatest Game Ever Played and Holes.
  • We talked about what creates a quality friendship versus what creates an average relationship.  Quality relationships are relationships that put the other first, last over time, tell the truth and take you in a Godly direction.  Showed a fun video about friendships... sometimes that how friendships are; they blindside you!
All in all... it was a great weekend.  We seemed to have a bit of a perfect storm as far as volunteers.  Four regular members of the team ended up being out Sunday night... two planned to be away and two couldn't make it suddenly.  Thankfully a couple of great folks jumped in and helped out. 

Looking forward to Week 2 of the Friendship 101 series... Dealing with trust!


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