Monday, November 29, 2010

Retiring old laces...

Today may have been the last run for the shoes on the right.

They have been my faithful running shoes for the past 7 months... or in running shoes language... 492 miles!!!!

That's a ton of miles.  Today, during my 6 mile run, I decided that my ole faithfuls need to be retired.  I have a brand new pair of Nike+ Pegasus 26's on the shelf (the ones on the left) waiting for their day on the trail... and if the rain holds off tomorrow, they will get their first 5k in.   But my current pair of Nike+ Pegasus 26's are hurting my feet a bit... especially in the balls... and they are starting to feel "heavy."

So, likely their running days are done... unless I get them another 8 miles so that I can say I went 500 miles in a pair of running shoes (keep the Proclaimers lyrics down over there...)! 

All in all, I've been happy with this pair of running shoes.  They have helped me cross some major milestones running...
  • Set two Personal Records in 5k... Susan G. Komen 5k in Columbus in May... and the Caldwell Fireman's Festival 5k in July...
  • Carried me to my first 1/2 marathon.... Akron in September
  • All of my Ohio running miles have been logged in these shoes
  • Helped Jackie get started running
So... it's a bittersweet deal for a runner.  (You non-runners won't understand... sorry.)  While I'll be retiring some old faithfuls... they will be demoted to everyday shoes instead of running shoes... which is one step above the last stop: lawn mowing shoes...

I'll be starting a new career with new running shoes.  Hopefully they will see a new PR in the 5k this weekend (Zaney Reindeer 5k), a half-marathon (Flying Pig in Cincy in May) and maybe a marathon (Air Force in September - although unlikely they will make the race... just take the brunt of the training).

Tomorrow morning, if the rain holds off, will be a bittersweet morning for me as I lace up to head out for my run.  But it will only be bittersweet for a few steps!


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