Sunday, November 14, 2010

A season with the Scotties...

I had some time to reflect tonight on my way home from New Philly.

It has been an interesting season.  It has been over 15 years since I took off my football helmet for good.  That was also the final time that I stood on a football sideline.  This year, I had the rare opportunity to head back down to the sideline and spend time with Tri-Valley Scotties football team.

When I arrived in Zanesville, an open door with the football team was already available.  The head football coach is a member at North Terrace and offered me the opportunity to help out with the team.  He wanted me to do two things.  1. Come out one afternoon during the week and talk about character with the team for 5-8 minutes. 2. Come out before the game and lead the team in Lord's Prayer, then I was welcome to hang out on the sidelines during the game.

Both of which I was happy to do.

And I had a blast.

We talked about things like goals, leadership, communication, attitude, courage, sacrifice, service, vision, perseverance, devotion and reliability.  All of those topics are sports related... but they're also Biblical.  While I never quoted a Bible verse to the players all season... I did paraphrase Scripture and slip it into the talk.  And I closed every talk with prayer.

It was an incredible experience... getting to know the players (who come up and talk to me when they see me at other events... like soccer games...), getting to know the athletic trainers, getting to know the coaches and other athletic staff.  Even the student section that came out and got rowdy for the games got to know me.

So... It was a great experience.  One that I hope that I get a chance to repeat next year.  One that I am definitely going to miss.


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