Friday, December 03, 2010

A sad day for Cubs fans... Ron Santo passed away...

It's a sad day for Cubs fans in particular and baseball fans in general. 

Ron Santo... 16 year baseball star and Cubs announcer has passed away. 

(Picture courtesy of NBC Chicago... Story HERE)

Since moving to Chicago several years ago, I have become a pretty hardcore Chicago Cubs fan (my office is currently painted Cubs colors).  I watched many games... caught several at Wrigley (always an amazing experience)... and listened to many, many games on the radio.

I would mow the yard... and listen to the game on the radio.  Go for a walk... listen to the game on teh radio.  Drive home from work, a meeting or small group... listen to the game.  Ron Santo was the Cubs for me.  He and Pat always had an amazing time calling the game and actually, I would many times prefer the the radio to the TV.  I have the MLB app for my iPhone, which allows me to listen to the games over the Internet and since moving to Ohio... I still listen to many, many games. 

It will be difficult to imagine listening to a Cubs baseball game without hearing Ron say... "Oh Jeez!!! Come on!!!" or listening to him sing the 7th inning stretch, as he did many times. 

He will truly be missed!

It's amazing to me that, even though I've never met Ron because I listened to him so much on the radio, I feel like I've lost a friend today. 

Rest in Peace my friend Ron!!!


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