Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Dominican Republic Team

In just 2 days, these students and adults will be on their way to the Dominican Republic (plus a couple who couldn't make this picture).

In 2009, I first traveled to Santiago, Dominican Republic, on a short term mission trip.  I believe that giving students an opportunity to stretch, try, fail, succeed and experience new things is important to their faith.  I also believe that the Kingdom of God is bigger than what we often experience in our town, state or country.  God is doing some amazing things in corners of the world where Twitter and Facebook aren't recording it and where it doesn't make the cover of Christianity Today. We'll get a chance to see it.  

This going to be a great trip.  These students have worked very hard and have raised over $15,000 (so far) for their trip.  We will be doing some construction and children's ministry while there.

Over the next week, starting on Saturday, these students are going to have the opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences and feelings here in this online space.  I want them to share it while it's fresh.  A student will share each day and one day will feature two students.  Look for new posts as time allows!

And please pray for our crew!


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