Saturday, April 19, 2014

Maya Norris' Dominican Thoughts

This week I've had many life changes. I've learned how to love children even without being able to speak to them. I've heard no complaining by the people here. Everyone here has much less than us and they still have a great outlook on life. I've felt like I never felt before last night. I felt as if I have truly fallen in love with the people here. It will be hard to leave tomorrow. 

The children here just need so much love. As soon as they saw us they ran towards us. They want to be held and fed. It’s really great to have so much love and trust from a child who hasn’t ever even seen you before. With this thought, none of it would have happened if it weren’t for people who went before us and gained their trust. If they hadn’t been kind and caring then we wouldn’t have been trusted.

I could see the contentment of the people. I have also seen their willingness and eagerness to work for the church and for God. They have all been so kind to us and so fun to meet. Their music is actually some of the same songs we sing in church but in Spanish. When we had youth group on Wednesday the boy sitting next to me, Eder, sang some of the songs in English to help me figure out what song it was. It was really fun.

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