Saturday, April 19, 2014

Last... but not least... Thoughts from The Dominican Republic from Emily Allen

            Sitting in the airport for our long layover gives me some time to reflect on this incredible week and all of the amazing experiences that we’ve had.  So many moments throughout the week left an impact on me, but probably the thing that affected me the most was Tuesday when we went to the Hole.  The Hole is an inactive landfill that has become the home of many Dominicans who can’t afford to live in typical neighborhoods (which still don’t even begin to compare to those in America).  When we went, we walked through the streets, got a small tour of the church, and fed the children of the community.  It was incredible to see the impoverished people being content with what they had.  Upon our arrival at the Hole, children started coming out from everywhere yelling “Americanos! Americanos!”  They would claim us as their own and hold up their arms to be embraced and held by us.  They were aching and searching for any love and affection they could get.  What really hit me hard was hearing that girls there usually started prostituting themselves by age 11-12.  At that age, they would be responsible for taking care of their younger siblings while their parents went to work for the day, along with all the responsibilities that come along with being a mother.  One of the things that the church was focused on was teaching them practical skills so that they would realize that prostitution wasn’t their only choice.

            There are so many more things about the life-changing trip that we experienced that I cannot wait to share when I get home! God has been so good throughout this trip and has kept us safe with little to no problems.  Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed and supported the team on this trip! Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we embark on our final flight! Most importantly, remember to pray for the people of the Dominican Republic and the efforts of GO Ministries to spread the love of God.

Emily Allen

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