Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dominican Republic thoughts by Maria Casas

We just got back from a place called "El hoyo" ,  It is a place in the middle of Santiago with a lot of poor houses, which are made out of useless materials that they find in the streets. El hoyo was a garbage dump, then, people started building  houses with the trash and the population there started  growing and soon, the government could not do anything. It was shocking how the little kids run to you as soon as you get in there looking for your attention.
We also got to feed them and for most of the kids, it was their only meal of the day. Their smiles when they ate were huge.
Going there made me think a lot of how lucky we are for all the things we have and sometimes we complain anyways. Here, leaving around trash and most of them having one meal a day are very happy and the smallest thing in the world make them happy.

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