Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 New Shadowboxes for the wall!

I finally got around to getting my shadowboxes done for last year's marathon and half marathon.

To the right is the box for the Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon in May.  Featured is the medal, my bib (mostly behind the pictures), my finish line picture, a picture of my wife and I and a picture of the two guys that I ran with Todd and Ben.  Good stuff.

This will be going up on the wall beside the Akron box from 2010's fall.

This one is from the Air Force Full in September.  If you can't tell, it's bigger than the Flying Pig.  Why?  13.1 more miles... that's why.  Featured in this shadowbox is my medal, my bib, my finish line picture, the badge from the weekend, and pictures of me finishing, me running, with my wife, by a big plane and the B-2 bomber (the weekend's featured plane). 

This will be going up on my wall beside the Flying Pig box. 

I'm thinking about going ahead and getting shadowboxes for the Cap City Half (what I'm running in May) and the Chicago Marathon (what I'm running in October) and putting them up empty as motivation. 


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