Monday, January 16, 2012

Very Simple but fun game - Ups and Downs

I picked up a free e-book by Ryan Nielson over at Youth called "Rug Burn"  It is a simple e-book filled with 20 indoor simple youth ministry games.  All the games are super-simple... some I had heard and have used before... but some I hadn't.

But tonight, we stumbled on a goodie.  We do a mixture of active (running around kind of) games and media-based table trivia games.  Tonight, we decided to go active since we were sending kids out to after youth group parties called Y.A.C. (youth after church).  And grabbed a quick and easy game called "Ups and Downs." 

The game is simple.  Declare half of the students to be "ups" and the other half "downs."  Put cups either up or down all around the room.  Give the students a time limit and the nature of the game is to turn as many cups in their direction as possible.  Ups turn cups up and downs turn cups down.  You can't hold onto the cups and you can't smash any cups.  At the end, the team with the most up or down, wins!

I thought it sounded like fun.  I couldn't believe how quickly our students took to it.  We cued up some music... gave them 5 minutes and turned them loose! They went nuts! Running around! Screaming! Nearly tackling each other! It as very fun. 

In the end, it came down to one cup difference between the ups and downs.  Ups won!

Good game! I think it shall return!

Sometimes... good ideas are simple ideas!  Feel free to use it if you want a good game!


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