Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not sure how I feel about this... Jackie graduated...

Totally kidding...

Just wanted a title that would grab your attention.  Although, I am a bit bitter.  Jackie started her Masters of Arts in Counseling a semester after I started my MDiv and she finished a semester before me.  Maybe a little bitter...

But not really. 
But totally proud of her. 

She is amazingly smarter than I am.  I have almost made it through my MDiv... not because I'm smart (if you've been around me for any length of time, I'm not)... I've almost made it through because she is super-smart and has pushed me (shoved in many cases) to continue.

She isn't quite finished yet... if we were in Illinois, she would be (I think).  But Ohio's counseling laws are more stringent than Illinois' so she has another semester of work at Ashland. 

But she has at least crossed one finish line.  And she is narrowing down on another this May.  In fact, we'll hopefully get to cross that finish line together. We are planning to both walk at Lincoln in May.  That will be incredible. 

She will be completely done with her MAC.
I will be done with my MDiv. 

Glorious day!

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