Monday, August 13, 2007

Cougar's Pillow Fight fails???

On July 27th, I posted about a local "A" baseball team, the Kane County Cougars who were hoping to set a new "World Record" for the largest pillow fight...

The date was this weekend. At this point, I haven't heard any official statement, but I'm taking it from this article that they failed. This is what leads me to believe that:

"Sight seen: After the Cougars tried to set the record for the “World’s Largest Pillow Fight” after the game, several team employees were trying to clean up in right field after several pillows burst, littering the field with feathers."

I had considered going... but didn't end up in the end. It sure would have been fun... or at least funny trying to see them clean up all the feathers.


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