Saturday, August 04, 2007

Vacation randomness...

I am back from vacation... and typing is hard... but it's been a week since I typed, so my fingers are little rusty. Vacation was great!!!

But I don't that I've got time right now to write all the stories... but I thought I would throw out some random happenings from my vacation:

Vacation Randomness:
1. The PT Cruiser's odometer turned over 77777 miles... check out the pic.
2. I played golf 4 days this last week... best score was 48.
3. We had 2 90+ degree days... we swam for about 5 hours each day.
4. I skied on both Wednesday and Thursday... last summer I couldn't get up!!! It was awesome.
5. It never rained all week.
6. "P" for porch! (It's an inside joke... don't ask!)
7. We had fish and ice cream Thursday night! It was good.
8. I ate terrible over vacation... but when I got home, I had actually lost a pound... 260.5!
9. I ate "Chick-fil-a" twice... on Saturday on the way to vacation... on Friday on the way home!
10. Our ski boat... 1976 Galaxy Mercruiser... broke down on Thursday afternoon... after I skied!!

All in all... it was a great vacation! It was very relaxing and restful. It was definitely the best weather that we have ever (ever... EVER) had for vacation... in the 90's... not a drop of rain... it's was great!!!

But it's good to be back too!!!


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