Saturday, August 18, 2007

One of my articles on Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Website!!!

A while back, I wrote an article for the Purpose Driven Youth Ministry website. (I'm a PDYM Mentor for Illinois... I also submit some resources... etc.)

I just happen to notice on Josh Griffin's Blog that it had been posted on the PDYM website!!!!

Here is a snipet:
"Fast forward to the present… This week I found myself lying awake in bed for the countless time. I was thinking about everything and nothing all at the same time. I was thinking about problems that had come up over the weekend. I was thinking about tasks that were looming and not yet completed. I was thinking about obligations that I had made but had been either unwilling or unable to follow through with. I was thinking about church office politics (and how much I hated it). I was thinking about lessons that needed to be written, messages that needed to be finished, emails that needed to be sent, phone calls that needed to be made, meetings, to-do-list items, projects, trips, calendars, attendance…

And then it hit me: Why don’t I feel the same way about ministry now that I did eight years ago? "

Click HERE to read the rest.

I was stunned that it was posted... Thanks Josh!!!



  1. Pretty cool, man. I remember liking the original draft of that piece when it was a blog post here.

    (That's right, man--I was a fan before he got famous!) :D

  2. Great job, bro! Doesn't it feel great to be published?!? (Not that I would know exactly since the only things I've ever published was my thesis which nobody has read and that letter to the editor of Outside Magazine.)