Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cubs game last night...

Jackie and I, Steve and Tysha visited the friendly confines last night.

The Cubs were taking on the Reds.

This is the famous flag pole in the center of center field... from the street outside.

However... the confines didn't start off so friendly... we had to endure an hour and half rain delay. And at times, it rained really hard.

We were lucky enough to be under the roof and so we didn't get wet at all... even though we took along some rain ponchos.

This is our view from our seats looking at the outfield. The only bad thing about where we sat (and we only paid $35 per ticket... so that wasn't bad) was that we couldn't see the high fly balls.

We could see home plate... but not close enough to see if the pitch was a 'ball' or a strike.' But not too far away to get a picture of Ken Griffey Jr.

Jackie and I took a second and posed for a picture. It was a good picture.

We enjoyed our trip to the Confines... The only the downside to the night was that the Cubs lost... 11 to 9. But it was a pretty exciting game... with plenty of hits, runs, cheering...

I will be looking forward to the next time that I get a chance to go...

Hopefully soon.


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