Monday, August 20, 2007


Last night was our annual Messfest night!!! It was an incredible night of fun, food and MUD!!!

It rained just about all of the 24 hours leading up to Messfest. Plus a couple of sprinklers that keep consistent water on the mud pit made it a pretty muddy night.

Here, Natalie, Bailey and Paige get ready for some Tug-O-War.

By the way... for more photos, surf over to my myspace page or my facebook page. I just posted all of the good pictures there... I simply don't have space to post them all here.

Looks pretty muddy!!!

I think there is a "Matt Galloway" under there somewhere.

Lilly, Elisabeth, Mari and Brooke look pretty coated with mud. It was very muddy and cold (notice the group of students standing around a small fire in the background.)

Here is the whole group as we wrapped up. It was a great night!!!


BTW: I will have a couple of videos here in a few minutes from YouTube...

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