Saturday, September 01, 2007

College Football!! Michigan stinks!!!!

I have to admit...

I spent most of my day today watching college football, with the Cubs mixed in...

I didn't get to watch my beloved Buckeyes... although they did win 38-6. But thanks to the blasted "Big Ten Network..." the first couple of games aren't televised.

But I do have to say that hearing that Michigan lost to Appalachian State was awesome!!! If you didn't know that, surf on over HERE and check it out... 34-32...


That's awesome... #5 Michigan falls to a Division I-AA team that they didn't have any reason to be playing. In fact, I'm betting you couldn't even find Appalachian State on a map... Take guess... where do you think the Mountaineers are from???

Click HERE to see if you're right.

Way to go Appy State... Beatin' those Wolverines.


1 comment:

  1. I love college football. I also love a good upset - except when it is against my team.

    In any case, I enjoy your posts.