Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Apple iPods and Starbucks... AWESOME!!!

As part of the new iPod/iPhone lineup set to come out this fall, there is a joint venture planned between Apple and Starbucks... two things I love by the way...

iPod/iPhone users will be able to access songs at Starbucks!!!!

Check out a bit of the story HERE.

Here is a small snipet:

iPhone users will also be able to access the wireless iTunes store. And, as part of a new deal between Apple and Starbucks, Starbucks customers will be able to log on to iTunes for free wirelessly to buy songs and find out which songs the Starbucks store has recently played."

I must say... that's stinkin' awesome!!! I can't wait to walk into Starbucks and have my iPhone recognize the song, tell me what it is and where I can buy it on iTunes. Sometimes Starbucks has some pretty great music. (Now if Starbucks would only allow iPhone/iPod users to turn down the volume and change the track... but that might get out of hand!!!)

HERE's what Apple has to say about it:

"Walk into a participating Starbucks with your laptop, iPhone, or iPod touch and buy whatever’s playing — along with millions of songs on iTunes — while your latte cools."

The only downside to this is that it won't be here in the Chicagoland area until March 2008. It will begin in Seattle (of course) and New York in October and San Fran in November (about 10 weeks too late for me). But it will still be pretty awesome when it gets here.


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